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Avtec provides pure Internet Protocol (IP) dispatch console solutions for the transportation, public safety, energy, business and industry, and government markets. Since 1979, clients have chosen Avtec’s award-winning technology for their mission-critical dispatch centers. Today, there are thousands of Scout Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) consoles installed worldwide. Visit www.avtecinc.com to learn more.

Productos / Servicios

Providing no-fail, system-wide communications is one aspect of a dispatching solution. By using a COTS based hardware platform in our pure IP console system, railroads can leverage non-proprietary PC, server, and IP networking equipment, which ensures business continuity, and provides a scalable system that delivers safe, efficient operations at significant savings over legacy technologies.

Scalable Solutions

  • Open-standard IP infrastructure
  • Enterprise, multi-site, management capability
  • Highly-customizable GUI user interface
  • System redundancy for 24/7/365 availability
  • Supports leading digital and analog radio technologies
  • Supports IP-based and analog telephony platforms
  • Seamless voice logging recorder integration

Optimize Operations

  • Ensure safe track control and operations
  • Improve scheduling and velocity
  • Simplify upgrades and migration
  • Optimize IT network bandwidth usage


Our pure IP platform links locomotive, yard, wayside, intermodal, and dispatch personnel for safe, efficient rail control. Manage rail dispatch and operational continuity with a single flexible communication console. Scout dispatch console solutions are trusted in 70% of North America's Class 1 railroads and more than 25 short line, regional and transit railways. With failure-proof performance and profit-enhancing productivity, it's the dispatching console that improves operational efficiency as it keeps workers, equipment, and railways safe.


Joe Oravetz

Joe Oravetz