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Since 1992 the maintenance free roller device AUSTROROLL has been produced and developed by Buntmetall Amstetten. This innovative product of our railway-department is used for lubrication-free switch points at tracks for railways, undergrounds or tramways. The rugged design and the use of high-strength and weather-resisting materials ensure a long life and operational safety. Since 2012 Buntmetall offers also Austroroll-HSR, a rolling device for moveable frogs. The combination of Austroroll switch point rollers and Austroroll frog rollers leads to completely grease-free points.

Productos / Servicios

Austroroll switch point rollers and Austroroll-HSR for moveable frogs.


"Roll instead of lubricate" is Austroroll®'s motto, the leading maintenance- free roller device for railway switch points.

Austroroll is the only permanent flexible switch point roller worldwide and guarantees impressive robustness, simple assembly and high operational efficiency. Decrease your maintenance costs and increase your track availability, with Austroroll.

Since 1992 it is successfully used by the most important European railway companies. Up to now, more than 200,000 AUSTROROLL® units are in operation as well in the heat of the Australian outback or in the snow of the Austrian alps. In addition, private and industrial railway operators also depend on Austroroll®'s reliability and the fact that it requires no maintenance, especially under difficult ambient conditions such as excessive heat, cold, ice and dirt.


Robert Kollouch

Robert Kollouch