Amsted Rail

311 South Wacker
Suite 5300
Chicago, IL 60606

Amsted Rail is the world's leading manufacturer of undercarriage and end-of-car components for heavy haul freight railcars and locomotives. Our company focus for more than a century has been providing the most innovative components and integrated bogie systems to meet the needs of the global heavy haul freight industry.

Freight shippers, railroads and lessors around the world have come to rely on Amsted Rail to develop products that make it possible to haul heavier loads over greater distances, with improved reliability and performance, and a focus on meeting each region's operating challenges. With a long history of industry innovation, Amsted Rail was the first to meet the North American AAR M-976 performance standard and continues to raise the performance bar.

Productos / Servicios

Undercarriage and end-of-car components for heavy haul freight railcars and locomotives, remote asset monitoring and tracking systems.


Our manufacturing processes are designed to be every bit as demanding as the harsh, real-world environments heavy haul railcars are exposed to everyday. Each product is precision-engineered, built to the tightest tolerances and rigorously tested to optimize performance. The IONX division of Amsted Rail is the premier provider of remote asset monitoring and tracking systems that improve shipment safety, security, turn cycles and fleet optimization.


Katherine Kelly

Katherine Kelly