Spectrum, Inc.

800 Resource Drive, Suite 8
Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131


Spectrum, Inc. was established in 1965, and is currently headquartered in Brooklyn Heights, Ohio.

Today, Spectrum represents the most reliable, flexible and responsive manufacturer of infrared heaters for applications in the rail, utility, casting & forging and warehouse industries.

By focusing on electric solutions, Spectrum is able to deliver the ultimate in products that are safe, reliable and cost effective.

From track switch heaters to rail car thaw sheds, die-casting and forging anvils and large warehouse heaters, Spectrum works with each customer on an individual basis to ensure that the heating system is defined and designed to exact specifications to satisfy each customer.

By using commercial-off-the-shelf components Spectrum product maintenance is simple and cost effective.

Productos / Servicios

Track switch heating, thaw shed heating, cal rods, crib heaters, hot/cold air blowers, control cabinets, junction boxes.


To help you keep trains moving, we stock flat rail heaters and crib heaters that can ship as fast as 24 hours when you need them most. We offer a complete line of electric track switch heaters, control cabinets and rail car thaw shed heating systems.


Sam Santabarbara

Sam Santabarbara