CESPA Manufacturing SRL

Via Luigi Volpicella, 145
80147 Napoli


CESPA since 1953 produces reliable equipment for railway construction and maintenance workshops.

Productos / Servicios

Workshop equipment.


A complete range of products:

  • Lifting jacks for tracked vehicles with fixed or retractable lifting arms, lifting capacity from 5,5 up to 60 tons
  • Auxiliary bogies (dummy bogies)
  • Lifting and rotating swivels for bogies and sub frames
  • Lifting platforms to dismount bogies and components underneath railway vehicles
  • Handling equipment: spreader beams, lifting grabs for wheelsets
  • Turning tables for bogies and axles
  • Platforms for roof access
  • Bogie presses
  • Springs calibration test benches.


Massimo Spavone

Massimo Spavone