Schlatter Industries AG

Brandstrasse 24 | 8952 Schlieren
Zurich, Switzerland

The Schlatter Group is the internationally leading manufacturer of stationary rail welding machines for rails and for turnouts. The mobile rail welding machines are worldwide used for in-track welding of continuous welded rails for high speed tracks and heavy haul tracks. The group has a global sales and service organization, through which it markets its new equipment and services and offers high-quality spare parts.


Productos / Servicios

  • Stationary Flash Butt Welding Machine GAAS80
  • Stationary Flash Butt Welding Machine GAA100
  • Mobile Flash Butt Welding Machines for Rails AMS60
  • Mobile Flash Butt Welding Machines for Rails AMS100
  • Mobile Flash Butt Welding Machines for Rails AMS200
  • Container-Based Rail Welding System Supra Multiflex
  • Truck-Based Rail Welding System Supra Roadflex


Stationary systems are mainly used in large welding plants in joining short and long rails. The Schlatter welding machines are at the heart of this welding process and can be supplemented with additional machines to create a complete system. Stationary flash butt welding machines made by Schlatter are also used for joining different materials, for example switch blades or crossing hearts. With the help of the mobile welding systems, continuous track sections are produced directly on the track. With our high level of system expertise, we are able to assemble complete mobile rail welding systems from compact welding machines, carrier vehicles, power generators and further auxiliary equipment.


Jürg Wahrenberger

Jürg Wahrenberger