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Manufacturing In The U.S. Since 1921

O'Neal Manufacturing Services is a supplier of metal fabricated components, sub-assemblies, and weldments. Offering OEMs specialized fabrication services for steel products and other metal materials along with additional machining capabilities to provide for any type of large complex project that our customers have.

We support original equipment manufacturers who currently build products in the North America as well as those relocating manufacturing back to the U.S. Whether driven by the need for increased production capacity, condensed launch-to-market schedules, or shelter from supply chain risks, our business model offers strategic, long-term benefits to major industrial equipment manufacturers.

Productos / Servicios


  • Steel Fabrication: Focus on parts originating from medium to heavy gauge plate.
  • Tube Processing: Managing parts to produce & deliver directly to a production line.
  • Plasma Cutting: High definition plasma cutting provides greater tolerance control.
  • Laser Cutting: Laser cutting provides a cleaner edge with better perpendicularity.
  • Oxy Fuel Cutting: Powerful enough to cut grades of carbon and alloy steel plate.
  • Peddinghaus Plate Processing: Multi-functional automated work center reducing manual labor.
  • Punching: The punching process can shear, notch, and punch angles & flat bars.
  • Metal Forming: From simple 90 degree bends to very complex sequences.
  • Machining: Create a cost effective supply chain with single sourcing solutions.
  • Welding: Handling simple weldments to complex metal fabrications.
  • Kanban Management: We participate in the kanban process to meet (JIT) requirements.
  • Kitting & Assembly: Assemblies and sub-assemblies to big equipment manufacturers.
  • Precision Leveling: Levelers for tighter tolerances in flat rolled steel parts.
  • Other Capabilities: Blasting, metal finishing, metal sawing, paint and powder coating.


O'Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) is a supplier of fabricated metal components and welded assemblies.

We provide highly integrated, comprehensive manufacturing solutions to customers who build equipment and manage projects that shape the world we live in – ranging from locomotives to forklifts and bulldozers to power generation equipment.

With multiple manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout North America, we support original equipment manufacturers who build their industrial equipment in the U.S. by supplying them with superior customer service and quality contract metal manufacturing.

Our contract metal fabrication offerings include steel fabrication, tube processing, plasma cutting, laser cutting, metal forming, welding, machining and more to support global OEMs in North America.


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Luis Paras

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