Lilee Systems

641 River Oaks Pkwy
San Jose, CA. 95134

LILEE Systems provides real-time connectivity for onboard devices in trains, buses, other mobile assets and for smart cities. We enable a variety of applications such as passenger Wi-Fi, CAD/AVL, infotainment, video- and sensor-based safety applications, and telematics.

LILEE’s edge gateways also run third-party applications and optimize connectivity through dynamic load balancing to lower cellular costs.

LILEE Systems, listed as an Inc. 500 fastest-growing private company, is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Taipei and Amsterdam.

Productos / Servicios

  • TransAir™ STS Series
  • TransAir™ LMS-2450
  • TransAir™ DTS-2000 Series


  • LILEE T-Cloud Virtual
  • LILEE Mobility Controller Systems
  • Management Suite for PTC Key
  • Management System for PTC

LileeOS Services:

  • Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) System
  • Predictive Modeling Systems
  • Validation and Proof Of Concept
  • Product & System Testing
  • Post Deployment System
  • Performance Modeling
  • Project Management


Hardware: LILEE Systems’ provides a range of high performing hardware for its solutions. From compact hardware with converged connectivity and compute, to a modular ruggedized hardware with up to 10 LTEs. LILEE’s hardware is the foundation for all smart mobile and fixed connectivity needs.

Software: LILEE Systems software orchestrates the various components of the connectivity solution to achieve the desired business outcome. It manages: Connectivity of end devices and applications with prioritization, link aggregation and dynamic load balancing over the wireless links; Supports fog computing at the gateway by hosting Windows, Linux, and Android software applications; Provides a cloud platform for analytics and integration with back-office applications.

Services: LILEE Systems supports your success by offering Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) managed services as well as integrating engineering services with LILEE’s full range of hardware and software. LILEE provides support services starting with project design, through implementation, upgrades and maintenance.


Paola Realpozo

Paola Realpozo