Peaker Services, Inc.

8080 Kensington Court
Brighton, MI
48116 USA

Remanufacturer of EMD engines and engine components Dual fuel and spark ignited natural gas engine conversions Woodward governor factory authorized independent service facility Woodward global locomotive specialist.

Productos / Servicios

  • Rebuilt EMD engines, case & pan assemblies, power assemblies, water pumps, oil pumps, CCP's (most engine components)
  • Rebuilt Woodward governors (EMD, GE, ALCO, ...)
  • ECI conversion kits for EMD engines to dual fuel (diesel-natural gas) and to spark ignited natural gas and single point admission dual fuel conversion kit for 4-cycle diesel engines
  • EMD 645 EUI T0+ conversion kit with integrated AESS, HMI, GPS and remote data options
  • New EMD compatible engine parts Options for Woodward actuator replacement of governor


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Ian Bradbury

Ian Bradbury