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Control systems


Our Signature Product
TMV Control Systems is our signature line. Based on over 25 years of industry experience, TMV designs and builds control systems that increase tractive effort and integrate communications between all aspects of the locomotive.

Other Product Lines
DLL Inc. specializes in the designing and manufacturing of electronical, electrical and mechanical components such as contactors, relays, switches, voltage regulators, panels and electrical cabinets for the railroad and mining industry. All parts are manufactured by DLL and are consistent with the OEM standards. With an emphasis on customer service, their innovative efforts allow them to continue offering quality products at a competitive price and lead time.

JEI Solutions is a UK based company that designs and builds specialized cutting tool solutions. JEI Solutions continues to invest in hole-making and metal fabricating technology. Whether this is achieved in-house or in conjunction with their close trading partners, JEI constantly strives for the very best solutions to meet the distinct challenges of the metal working industry.

In the UK, the rail industry is well served by their clearance hole cutting tools. They hope to bring the same level of quality and customer service to the North American rail industry.


Peter Scholtens

Peter Scholtens