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Weighwell are a global manufacturer and installer of train weighing systems in the rail industry with hundreds of systems worldwide (over 30 countries). We have longstanding relationships with a diverse range of illustrious names within the train maintenance, train manufacturer and rail freight industry.

Our industry leading product the Portable Train Weigher (PTW) has changed the concept of train weighing. This unique rail scale can be installed in any gauge of track and virtually any rail type in a matter of minutes without the need for expensive changes to the track or foundations. Suitable for either in-motion or static train weighing the PTW can minimise the potential for dangerous overloading and help rail engineers understand the weight difference (balance) of the train with greater precision.

Productos / Servicios

  • Static train weighing systems
  • In-motion train weighing systems
  • ptwX software
  • PTW digital indicator unit
  • TrackCells for bogie workshops


Our static systems are ideal for train maintenance and provide highly accurate individual wheel weights, have a length of only 500mm which allows for greater flexibility between rail fastenings and operate with our in-house developed ptwX train weighing software which can detail ?real-time? live wheel weights on the screen. In addition we can also provide our PTW digital indicator unit which operates with an easy to use touch screen with weighing data exported via a simple printout or to a .CSV file for further analysis.

Our in-motion train weighing systems are suitable for rail freight, have an accuracy of +/- 2-3% dependent on track conditions (+/-1% in ideal conditions) and can provide individual wheel, axle and wagon weights. This in-motion rail scale can weigh trains at 5 km/h, has a 40 tonne per axle capacity and offers a convenient way of avoiding dangerous overloading or axle imbalances.

The PTW can accommodate a variety of capital expenditures (budgets) with train weighing systems available for short term hire (one day), long term hire or purchase.


Daniel Copley

Daniel Copley