Hirok, Inc. Dba Spitzlift

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San Diego, Ca 92111


Spitzlift has been a California incorporated business since 2006. We provide a quality product and excellent service. Spitzlift lightweight, portable cranes are providing a safer, more efficient way of material handling. Our Spitzlift cranes are used by companies like BNSF Railway, GE Renewables, BAE Systems, Otis Elevators and the list goes on.

Spitzlift meets all the industry standards and beyond. The Spitzlift crane weighs less than 40 lbs. and when installed in a vehicle it places a minimal payload between 80 and 100 lbs. The robust design allows the maximum weight of 900 lbs. to be lifted. We provide a recertification program for the cranes as well.

Productos / Servicios

Spitzlift provides an economic way of light duty lifting.

Spitzlift is a lightweight portable crane, weighing 40 lbs. and has a lifting capacity of 900 lbs.

We provide a variety of mounting brackets for on vehicle and off the vehicle applications.


Robust, lightweight, portable crane. We provide manual, AC and DC powered cranes, that place a minimal payload of under 100 lbs. to the vehicle with a variety of mounting options, Spitzlift can be installed on just about anything that has the structural integrity. The Spitzlift crane is made of a high strength aluminum, so it only weighs 40 lbs., but with its robust design, it can handle heavy loads.


Nicholette Spitsbergen

Nicholette Spitsbergen