Lucchini RS S.p.A.

24065 LOVERE (BG) 

Lucchini RS Group is a leader in the design and production of rolling stock products, castings and forgings for all industrial sectors. The strengths of the Group lie in its integrated production facilities, from the production of steel to the assembly of finished products, in the competence of its human resources, and in its know-how and organization, wholly focused on its customers and markets.

For the Railway Sector the Group produces a wide range of products: wheels, axles, tyres, wheelsets for all rolling stock such as high speed intercity, heavy haul and mass transit system. Lucchini RS meets the international demand through its companies network in Italy, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Austria, India, China, South Africa and North America.

All sites of the Group strive to be a "one-stop shop" offering full support during all stages of maintenance, from the manufacturing and delivery of spare parts to re-engineering based on return of experience.

Productos / Servicios

  • Wheels, tyres, axles and wheelsets. 
  • High quality steels.


Lucchini RS is dedicated to the manufacturing of high quality products, particularly focusing on design, production and assembly of all types of wheels, tyres, axles and wheelsets.

Lucchini RS has a fully integrated production process having all facilities in one site, from research and development of materials to steel production, from design to production and assembling of finished products.

The Company also manufactures high quality products for other markets such as steel castings, forgings and tool steels.


Carlo Bajetti

Carlo Bajetti