Zhuozhou Tianpeng Imp & Exp Trade Co., LTD

2 Floor, North Building, No. 11
Keyuan Road, Development Zone, Zhuozhou City
Hebei Province,China
ZIP Code: 072750


Zhuozhou Tianpeng Imp. and Exp. Trade Co., LTD is founded in 2006, and specialize in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality construction materials testing machine for concrete test, soil test, cement test, asphalt   test and etc. Our main products include compression test machine, wheel tracking machine, roller compactor, test mould and etc. There are about hundred products of seven series.

With a commitment to quality and professional service, the company has gained acceptance as a supplier, with more than 300 clients including many of the major companies around the world.

Productos / Servicios

Track trolley, height and stagger gauge.

Overhead catenary measuring trolley, contact wire wear gauge, rail gauge.


Rail track geometry measuring instruments, like rail gauge, rail wear gauge, track 3D monitoring trolley, height and stagger gauge, catenary system geometry measurement trolley, rigid contact wire wear gauge, straightness gauge, etc.


Chen Jie

Chen Jie