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Vibration isolation system for rail / Ballast degradation mitigation mat for rail.

Productos / Servicios

GenieMat RAIL FST (Floating Slab Track) and GenieMat RAIL BST (Ballast Mat).


GenieMat RAIL FST (Floating Slab Track):

For substantial ground-borne vibration mitigation, a mass-spring system is considered the most effective vibration isolation design. The properties and configuration of the GenieMat RAIL FST isolators are dictated by the required insertion loss frequency range, vehicle axle-load, speed and surrounding soil properties among other parameters.

GenieMat RAIL BST (Ballast Mat):

GenieMat RAIL BST consists of reinforced rebonded rubber designed to provide vibration reduction and prevent premature ballast degradation. The upper surface of the GenieMat RAIL BST is textured for trackbed stability and is designed to protect against contaminants that may filter through ballast over time. The subsurface contains fabric reinforcement for strength and load distribution. The underside is profiled to permit unrestricted subsurface drainage in all directions.


Omar Kaddoura

Omar Kaddoura