Biarri Rail

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Chicago, IL 60654

Biarri Rail is a global leader in planning and scheduling software for freight Railroads. Through AI techniques, automation and optimisation technologies Biarri Rail works to improve service delivery and reduce costs through the smarter utilisation of critical resources. Biarri Rail is a part of the Biarri group of companies, who provide commercial mathematics for many industries, including manufacturing, transportation, fibre-optic cable network planning and airport staff rostering.

Productos / Servicios

Biarri Boss suite of rail planning and rail operations management software.


Boss is Biarri Rail's platform for rapid application of powerful planning and operational tools across your key freight rail assets.

In the era of precision scheduled railroading, rail carriers need tools for the production of optimized scheduled train, railcar, locomotive and crew plans based on a real customer demand.

The primary goal of Boss Rail Planning is to determine the most efficient and legal set of trains to deliver a set of customer freight and the optimal allocation of locomotives, cars and crews.


Tom Forbes

Tom Forbes