IntegriCo Composites of Louisiana, LLC

108 Inducto Way
Sarepta, LA 71071

Founded in 2007, IntegriCo Composites Inc. is a leader in the composite industrial products manufacturing industry. The company aims to build comprehensive recycling infrastructure, as well as expand its strategic sourcing programs in capturing increased volumes of landfill-bound plastic to transform back into raw material.

IntegriCo’s Louisiana production facility manufactures composite products made from recycled plastics. Patented technology mixes landfill-bound plastics, to create composite railroad ties and other related products that far exceed industry standards for high consistency and structural integrity. Each year, IntegriCo continues to improve and expand the world’s infrastructure, while diverting plastic away from landfills and making strides toward a sustainable, circular economy.

Productos / Servicios

IntegriCo Composites’ IntegriTies™ provide benefits for all major rail tie applications from the extreme loading conditions of Class I heavy axle load applications to the caustic environment of an industrial chemical processing plant.


  • Excellent spike retention
  • High compression strength
  • Longer life cycle in harsh climates
  • Immune to insect infestation
  • Fungus and mildew resistant
  • High electrical impedance
  • Resists rail plate cutting
  • Can be installed with existing equipment alongside wood ties


Scott Moe

Scott Moe