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Holland LP is a dedicated engineering-based company servicing the railroad and related industries. Since 1935, Holland has pioneered the delivery of comprehensive and progressive transportation solutions. With our flash-butt, thermite and electric technologies; Holland is established as the North American rail welding industry leader.

It's an exciting time as we look forward to incredible growth by expanding offerings in track testing, rail car components, locomotive servicing and specialty vehicles; just to name a few. Our unique 360-degree approach to servicing our customers enables us to be a complete solution provider. While providing outstanding solutions to our customers is a focus, nothing is a higher priority than our commitment to safety.

Holland LP: A Solutions Partnership Unlike Any Other

Productos / Servicios

- Maintenance of Way
- Mechanical
- Global Sales
- Specialty Vehicles
- Engineering and Manufacturing


Holland is a dedicated engineering-driven company that excels at developing partnerships with its customers in order to deliver comprehensive and progressive transportation solutions to the railroad and related industries. We are the market leader in flash-butt and thermite welding technologies in both fixed plant and mobile environments. Our turnkey track maintenance services and track testing geometry systems are unmatched in the industry. By creating true solutions-focused partnerships with our customers, Holland also provides customized rail car products, locomotive, transloading and rail car servicing solutions. Holland continues its commitment to innovation with our LAND/SEA/RAIL Mobile Communication and Command Module which features a 40 ft. mast and customizable design.


Pamela Ten Hoven

Pamela Ten Hoven