United Rail, Inc.

13500 Sutton Park Drive S
Suite 601
Jacksonville, FL 32224


Founded in 2012 United Rail is a privately held railway systems, products and services company. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida and with a branch office in Toronto, Canada, we offer railroad signal engineering services, rail systems and railway products. Our team have an extensive background in the United States, Canada and International Railroad Industry focusing on large capital systems and projects as well as PTC and signal engineering services. Starting from a small railway services engineering office of two people, United Rail has grown to now support multiple Class I freight and transit rail operators across North America.

Productos / Servicios

United Rail provides signal engineering services and project execution for railway and mass transit projects.


We also represent select European railway technology firms in the North American market. Included are BBR Rail Automation, a German signal systems manufacturer, Amberg Technologies, the Swiss-based rail and tunnel surveying and profiling systems manufacturer, Ganser CRS, the developers of high-pressure common rail diesel fuel injection systems for GE, EMD and ALCO locomotives, and Prover Technology, the Swedish developer of automated signaling software development and testing systems.


Robert H. Walker

Robert H. Walker

Vice President