Dr. Linsinger-Strasse 24
A-4662 Steyrermühl

LINSINGER Austria, is a company which goes global through innovation. Thereby they could establish in a highly specialized niche market. LINSINGER represents with their 350 employees a medium-sized company which is the spine of the Austrian economy structure.

The machines get produced at the national factory and exported to 98%! They have their prime markets in Asia, the European Union and Russia. LINSINGER stands for a long-term and in partnership cooperation with their customers. They actualize this through first class products and an excellent level of service.

Since the nineties LINSINGER Austria belongs to the Weingärtner Group, an Austrian mechanical engineering company with a global accepted branch position in the field of whirling process.

Productos / Servicios

LINSINGER stands out for a perfected Know-How, which is a result of more than 70 years research and development. The line of Milling Technology is the historical origin of the company. There was the implementation of the Sawing Technology after the takeover of company Wagner in 1996.

The Rail Technology of LINSINGER follows from the combined experiences of Milling and Sawing Technology. This line is developing vehicles for processing and maintenance of rails based on the latest engineering. The assortment is fulfilled with the Tool Technology which is exclusively for the highly specialized machines of company LINSINGER.


LINSINGER has acquired unique expertise as a result of 70 years of continuous research and development.

The Milling Technology range represents the historical origin of the company, which was expanded to include Sawing Technology after the takeover of Wagner in 1996. Rail Technology is the latest addition to the range, resulting from a combination of LINSINGER's Milling and Sawing Technologies. The assortment is further enhanced by Tool Technology Division which offers an attractive tooling service guaranteeing ongoing satisfaction to LINSINGER customers.


Georgine Schön

Georgine Schön