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Baraga, MI 49908

Pettibone / Traverse Lift, LLC manufactures material handling equipment for rail, construction, oil and gas and mining industries. Founded in 1881, Pettibone has been recognized as the industry leader in material handling equipment since the company revolutionized the industry with the first forward-reaching, rough-terrain machines in the 1940s.

Productos / Servicios

Rail maintenance cranes, rough terrain forklifts, telehandlers, material handling equipment.


Designed to be versatile for multiple railroad service applications, the Pettibone Speed Swing 445F offers precise hydraulic engineering and ample power to lay rails, set ties, and clear the path ahead. Common options and attachments include a tote boom, hydraulic tool circuit, magnet package, AAR coupler, track cleaning bucket, load bucket, 20-foot extendable boom, fork frame, backhoe, brush cutter, snow plow, and many more.


Andrew Kemppainen

Andrew Kemppainen