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TekTracking specializes in providing turn-key sales and marketing services to railroad technology equipment manufacturers and suppliers. We help our clients successfully engage the North American railroad market, resulting in revenue growth and improved market presence.

We have extensive reach within our target market. We help our clients position their technology products and solutions to effectively communicate value proposition to the end customer. We diligently work the complex selling environment present in the rail industry, and ultimately, we generate sales orders to help grow top line and bottom line results for our clients.

Productos / Servicios

We assist railroad technology manufacturers and suppliers with marketing and selling within the North American market. We do this by communicating our client’s product opportunity through our defined sales process.

Products we currently represent: Digital Storage Oscilloscope device supporting Continuous Health Monitoring, a novel train tracking and roadway worker protection system, and a sophisticated, east to use, web-based operations and planning application.


Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) / Continuous Monitoring: The DSO module is a compact, high speed data logging unit capable of collecting, conditioning, and communicating captured data. The DSO affords a common platform to capture real-time data from any number of potential data sources including power switch machines (mechanical and hydraulic), track circuits (all types and varieties), interlockings (microprocessor and relay-based), battery banks and battery cells, grade crossing equipment, trip stops, catenary tensioning devices, on-board door systems, on-board HVAC systems, on-board propulsion systems, elevator/escalator motors and controls, and virtually any other electro-mechanical appurtenance utilized in your operation. Data is fed into Centrix, which is a data aggregation application residing either behind your firewall on a dedicated maintenance server or optionally accessible through our hosted web service. Centrix provides a common communication protocol to access each fielded DSO module. It also provides a common interface point to your 3rd party data analytics platform. Additionally, Centrix is equipped with a powerful condition-based monitoring capability and includes graphical replay and fault prevention of detected events. Centrix allows for an entire network of DSO modules to be programmed to monitor a variety of analog/digital inputs and feed all the data into a single platform for additional analysis and fault prediction.

Train Tracking/Roadway Worker Safety: The product is mounted on the wayside and functions by detecting a train as it approaches a track worker, giving the worker an alert that indicates the train’s approach. This is accomplished with Train Detection Modules (TDM’s) - which are outfitted with multiple and redundant sensors, ensuring 100% train detection with zero false positives, in all environments. The TDM’s are networked together forming a long-range data radio network. Workers within the network carry a Worker Wearable - a small, battery-powered device about the size of a smart phone. The Worker Wearable is another node in the train tracking network, and provides worker location information to the network. When a TDM detects a train, it immediately determines when the train will intercept the crew location, and issues an alert to the crew at a specified constant warning time via the Worker Wearable device. The product operates as a backup to existing worker safety rules, and acts as the last line of defense in case the rules breakdown. Web-based Operations and Planning: An enterprise-level resource management solution provides a single source of data for all human resource planning and work allocation. The core product includes work allocation and management including recording/reporting time and attendance. Optional modules include a Skills Manager, a highly sophisticated but easy to use system for managing driver route knowledge/retention and a Fatigue Manager used to calculate fatigue and risk for individual staff. Additionally we offer:

  • Rolling Stock Planning and optimization
  • Train Crew Shift Planning and optimization
  • Timetable and Resource Plan data management and publication
  • Real-time management of resources including interfaces with signaling and traffic management systems


Brian Denny

Brian Denny