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Wireless and Security Innovation is in our family

Berkeley Varitronics Systems is known throughout the wireless and security industries as an engineering think tank that delivers solutions from concept to finished product. Since 1972, we have delivered custom engineered solutions to a wide range of clients ranging from individuals with a specific need all the way up to fortune 500 companies looking to implement the latest wireless technology company-wide. For decades, BVS has been known equally both for our wireless expertise in custom RF design and implementation and our fast turnaround development cycles. Our word of mouth and repeat business is fueled by our reputation of treating the customers the way we would like to be treated ourselves and delivering every engineering specification promised.

Explosion of ideas

Berkeley Varitronics Systems is a privately held company established in 1972 in Berkeley Heights, NJ. BVS founder and CTO, Gary Schober, began by assembling a team of RF hardware and software engineers focused on delivering custom design and product solutions. Since 1990, we have been designing, manufacturing and shipping our own products for both the wireless test and security industries. Over the years, the entire catalog has grown to over 100 unique products consisting of stimulus transmitters, calibrated receivers and cell phone detection solutions. Berkeley Varitronics Systems use our RF expertise and quick turnaround solutions to be first-to-market with cost-effective solutions.

World class achievements

Back in 1999, BVS began immediate development on our Grasshopper Wi-Fi Receiver as soon as the Wi-Fi Alliance finalized the 802.11b standard. Our RF engineers created a custom 2.4 GHz receiver and coupled that with a handheld Wi-Fi scanner with a built-in display and keypad control. The resulting product came together quickly and was embraced by Wi-Fi engineers and spurred on further by the rapid build out of Wi-Fi networks around the world. Grasshopper© quickly led to a follow-up hit, Locust© and that led to Yellowjacket©, the world's most advanced Wi-Fi analysis receiver. BVS could not have been first to market with products such as these without a streamlined RF team ready to embrace the latest technology and package it into an affordable shipping product.

Innovation from our customer's needs

Some of BVS' best customized design solutions come straight from our customers' mouths. Since sales and engineering teams both deal directly with customers daily, we are able to keep our ear to the ground to listen for the latest tech trends and customer requirements. In 2010, we developed a wireless receiver specifically tuned to the RF signature of common cellular phones for customers in law enforcement. Our RF engineers managed to create a sophisticated yet low cost receiver that fulfilled our customers' immediate needs and also spawned a complete line of cell phone detection products now used worldwide by educational, correctional and law enforcement professionals.

Productos / Servicios

TransitHound© Operator Distraction Cell Phone Detector

Perfect for distracted train engineers and railway operators as well as distracted driving in fleets, mining operation and heavy machinery workers Discreet & rugged for mounting anywhere inside a truck, train car, cockpit or cab USB/Serial port delivers timestamped, recorded measurements for further analysis Trigger relays to any DVR, camera or alert instantly Designed & manufactured entirely in the USA

BlueHound© Bluetooth Receiver

Dedicated bluetooth and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) receiver Covert and rugged for any industry looking to detect bluetooth devices Serial port to download recorded measurements for further analysis Designed and manufactured in the USA.


TransitHound© Operator Distraction Cell Phone Detector is a discreet and rugged mobile phone detector. This sensitive receiver detects cell phone use by distracted train engineers, distracted drivers and any operators of heavy machinery. When coupled with a camera and mobile DVR, TransitHound allows owners, dispatchers and managers to keep a watchful eye on their drivers by keeping their driving safe and legal for everyone.

BlueHound© Bluetooth receiver detects distracted railway operators and heavy machinery drivers. By detecting all nearby bluetooth and bluetooth low energy devices, BlueHound allows supervisors and security teams to monitor distracting bluetooth devices. These devices include smartphones, wireless earbuds or headphones, smart watches and wearables, portable gaming devices, tablets and most other wireless electronics. When coupled with a camera and mobile DVR, BlueHound allows owners, dispatchers and managers to keep a watchful eye on their drivers by keeping their operation safe and legal for everyone. BlueHound is discreet, rugged and able to be mounted nearly anywhere for covert monitoring of all bluetooth devices.


Scott Schober

Scott Schober