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Rossano Veneto (VI)

OFFICINE MECCANICHE BBM SPA was established in 1965 as a manufacturer of fabricated parts for the steel, energy and marine industries. We are now working with the most important European companies in these fields.

With our experience working in the heavy engineering sector, in 1987 we decided to expand our business by creating a "Railway Division" and today we are well known all over the world and considered to be one of the leading companies in this sector.

Our main products are:

  1. Wheelset Presses
  2. Bogie Testing Benches
  3. Lifting and Handling Systems
  4. Special Equipment

Thanks to a highly qualified and committed staff of more than 100 employees, we are able to manage the entire manufacturing cycle, from design to final installation and after-sales service, providing high-quality products and services tailored to suit customer requirements.
BBM is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and our welding process is qualified according to UNI-EN-ISO 3834-2, EN 1090-2, DIN 18800-7 classe E and DIN 15018.

Products / Services

  1. Wheelset Presses
  2. Bogie Testing Benches
  3. Lifting and Handling Systems
  4. Special Equipment


1) Wheelset Presses for Mounting, Dismounting and Testing of Wheelsets

BBM manufacture a wide range of wheelset presses from basic single cylinder machines that are simple and reliable for low output and maintenance purposes, to fully automatic double cylinder machines for high output applications.

BBM can also supply tailored solutions for fully automatic wheel-sets assembly lines.

Our wheel-set presses are able to print reports according to Standards EN 13260, UIC 813, GOST 11018-2000 and AAR MSRP Section 6.

2) Bogie Testing Benches for Mounting, Dismounting and Testing of Bogies and Springs

BBM manufacture bogie stands for mounting and dismounting equipment on bogies and testing bogies before they are installed onto the rail vehicles.
Our bogie testing benches can be installed in a pit so that the rails are at floor level, or on standard industrial floor, dependent on customer requirements.

Bogie presses range from very simple machines, for mounting and dismounting operations only, to complex solutions that can deal with multiple rail gauges and measurement of a large number of parameters on the bogie such as wheel gauge, axle parallelism, axle distance, axle diagonal, wheel diameter, wheel distance, shim calculations etc.

3) Lifting and Handling Systems

i) Underfloor Lifting Systems

BBM underfloor lifting systems are designed for lifting complete trains or single rail cars and locomotives for maintenance and repair work as well as for replacement of components. The lifting system and car body supports/stands are designed according to the special requirements of the clients. This equipment allows a depot to be built with a completely flat floor with no obstructions when the system is not in use.

The same technology used to lift complete trains can be used to lift single bogies or wheelsets for maintenance activities.

ii) Bogie and Wheelset Drops

BBM bogie and wheelset drops (which can be screw or scissor type) can be used to remove bogies or wheelsets while the train is located and supported over the table top. The bogie (or wheelset) is unfastened, lowered, laterally transferred and raised to a release track. It can then be moved to a maintenance area where inspection and repair can be performed.

This equipment allows a limited train stop at maintenance depot.

4) Special Equipment

i) Ultrasonic Testing Equipment

BBM ultrasonic testing equipment is able to test for any cracks under the wheel's running surface. Two different machines can perform this test: one is fixed on the floor and the train runs over it while the second is mobile inside a pit and runs under the train.

ii) Bogie Testing Rig

The bogie testing rig can dynamically test a bogie after assembly and before it is mounted onto the train.  The rig can test the motor operation, monitor components for vibration and check many other parameters.

iii) Bearing Mounting and Dismounting Presses

These presses are designed for mounting and dismounting wheelset bearings. They can be designed to work on one or two bearings at the same time without turning the axle.

iv) Spring Testing Machines

Spring testing presses can be used for testing coil and leaf springs. Tests can be performed with dedicated machines, one for each type of spring, or with a single, integrated universal solution.

v) Lifting Jacks and Scissor Tables

Lifting jacks are used for lifting and lowering complete trains or single rail cars as to allow maintenance , repair work as well as replacements of underbody components.


Riccardo Zilio

Riccardo Zilio