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NEM Solutions is the leading mobility & energy digitalization and advanced analytic company. Our goal is to generate a more accessible, connected and sustainable world for future generations.

To achieve this, NEM Solutions determines the future behaviour of systems based on daily generated operations and maintenance data, extending life cycles, improving productivity and generating system knowledge of high value.

NEM Solutions' products and services are known for their innovative and emotional character and for breaking well-established moulds across different industries to date.

Products / Services

AURA platform & Advanced Business assessment (Experts in Railway and Wind sectors).


A.U.R.A is the name of the patented technology developed through the last decade by NEM Solutions. It was born with the aim of providing our customers with the total control of their businesses based on complex and dynamic assets.

Today, it is recognized both in the Railway and Wind Industry as a very advanced technology in terms of failure anticipation and business control.

By combining our in-house expertise with Big Data techniques and Business Intelligence, A.U.R.A accurately projects the future of each of your assets. Far from simply comparing the behavior of it with standard statistical data, A.U.R.A models the normal behavior of each single asset and subsystem individually and in their own context. Therefore we guarantee the best performance of your fleet.


Oihana Mendizabal

Oihana Mendizabal