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DMA is the global leader in rail infrastructure and rolling stock inspection. Our solutions help protect and optimize the infrastructure and rolling stock assets of some of the world?s largest and busiest rail networks, small networks, and light rail.

We use our extensive knowledge of every type of railway to design innovative products that help our customers realize measurable performance and safety improvements in their network.

We work closely with our customers to ensure quick commissioning, successful system integration, and the very best support.

Products / Services

DMA's breadth of solutions is customized for every network type and application. Our solutions include:

  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Contactless Track and Rail Measurement Systems
  • Contactless Track Inspection Video Systems
  • Contactless Catenary Monitoring
  • Contactless Rolling Stock Monitoring
  • Contactless Wheel Profile Measurement System
  • Contactless Pantograph Inspection
  • TracksNet™ Data Management and Analysis software solutions
  • Unattended infrastructure monitoring systems
  • Unattended yards ans station inspection; turnouts automatic measurement


  • Track Geometry Measurement System (TGMS)
  • Turnout & Crossing Measurement System (TCMS)
  • Rail Profile Measurement System (RPMS)
  • Third/Power Rail Measurement System (TRMS)
  • Clearance Profile Measurement System (CPMS)
  • Rail Corrugation Measurement System (RCMS)
  • Track Component Video Inspection System (TCVIS)
  • Driver's View Video (DVV)
  • Thermal Imaging System (TIS)
  • Wire Geometry (WiGeo)
  • Wire Geometry + Wear (WiGeoW)
  • Pole/Mast Detection System (PoDS)
  • Contact Forces Measurement System/Hard Spots (CoForM)
  • Overhead Catenary Video (OHC/OHE/OCS/OHV)
  • Wheel Profile Measurement System (WPMS)
  • Pantograph Uplift Measurement System (UPL)
  • Pantograph Collector Strip/Wear & Damage (PSS)
  • Brake Pad Measurement System (BPMS)
  • TracksNet™ Data Management & Reporting
  • TracksNet™ On Board


Marco Fruttero

Marco Fruttero