One Park Avenue
Tipton, Pennsylvania, 16684


ORX is located in Pennsylvania USA. All manufacturing and overhauls are performed at our one site located in central Pennsylvania adjacent to US Interstate I-99.  We have been at our Tipton location since 1990 and we have 15,000 square meters of modern manufacturing space. ORX was founded in 1979 and has operated continuously since that time under the
same management.

Products / Services

Wheel set assemblies, axles, wheels, tires, brake discs, gear units, bogies and related components for all types of rail vehicles.


ORX manufactures, repairs, and overhauls all types of rolling stock components for rail vehicles including freight (cargo) cars, locomotives, transit (passenger) --- both light and heavy rail, industrial, and historic. ORX has been an OEM supplier to GE, EMD, ALSTOM, Bombardier, Siemens, and many other manufacturers of rail vehicles.


Lindsay Bender

Lindsay Bender